Trans-scapular Lateral View

Radiology technicians should note the position of patient and x-ray beam relative to the patient for each view. Photo of each set-up appears on the left. Drag your cursor over the photo to see close-up view. The corresponding radiograph appears on the right.

Trans-Scapular Lateral or Y-Lateral View

Position – Patient is erect or sitting with arm in sling. X-ray cassette is placed at anterolateral shoulder perpendicular to scapular spine.

X-ray Beam – Directed along the spine of the scapula from posterior to anterior, perpendicular to cassette.

Demonstrates – Anteroposterior relationship of humeral head with respect to glenoid. “Y” of the scapula is shown by confluence of coracoid anteriorly, scapular spine posteriorly and scapular body inferiorly. View is helpful to diagnose glenohumeral dislocation or displaced greater tuberosity fracture.