Suggested Radiographs

Applying basic principles of radiography and fundamental knowledge of upper extremity orthopaedics, an outline of recommended radiographs for different clinical problems may be provided as follows.

Clinical Diagnosis

Recommended Radiographs

Glenohumeral Joint Imaging
Subacromial impingement, bursitis Shoulder impingement series
Rotator cuff tendinitis, tear Shoulder impingement series
Acute glenohumeral dislocation Shoulder trauma series
Glenohumeral arthritis Shoulder trauma series
Postop shoulder replacement Shoulder trauma series
Proximal humerus fracture Shoulder trauma series
Chronic glenohumeral subluxation Shoulder instability series
Shoulder pain in throwing athlete Shoulder instability series
Clavicle Imaging
Mid-shaft clavicle fracture Clavicle series
Clavicle nonunion Clavicle series
Distal third clavicle fracture ACJ AP view, axillary lateral
Acromioclavicular arthritis ACJ AP view, axillary lateral
Acromioclavicular dislocation ACJ AP view w/comparison view
Medial third clavicle fracture Serendipity view
Sternoclavicular arthritis Serendipity view
Sternoclavicular dislocation Serendipity view
Elbow Imaging
Lateral or medial epicondylitis Elbow AP, lateral views
Elbow trauma, fractures Elbow AP, lateral views
Radial head fracture Elbow AP, lateral, radial head views
Elbow arthritis Elbow AP, lateral views
Distal biceps rupture Elbow AP, lateral views
Elbow pain in throwing athlete Elbow AP, lateral views


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