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Dr Jansson specializes in disorders of the knee, be it a torn ACL from a sports injury, or chronic knee pain going up and down stairs. He treats a wide range of patients ranging from national or world caliber professional athletes to the middle school sports athlete, the injured worker, or the weekend warrior.

Office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Monday and Wednesday for regular scheduled appointments with Dr. Jansson or his Nurse Practitioner, Sarah Spear.

If you would like more information on particular conditions, or would like more education, please browse around our site. Also, during the office visit, we may ask you to browse our patient education area to expand your understanding of a particular condition we want you to understand.


Sports Medicine, Knee Surgery
Subspecialties: Sports Medicine
Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
Sara Spear, APRN
Home Town:
Jersey City, NJ
Fellowship: Arthroscopic Knee Surgery, Sports Medicine
Orthopedic Consultants
Dallas, Texas
Residency: Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center
Lackland AFB, Texas
Medical Degree: Dartmouth Medical School
Hanover, New Hampshire
Board Certification: American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
General Orthopedic Surgery
Subspecialty Certification in Orthopedic Sports Medicine
Kansas State Board of Healing Arts since 1991
Leadership Positions: Director of Orthopedic Sports Medicine
Via Christi Health Systems
Clinical Associate Professor: University of Kansas School of Medicine
Residency Training Program
AOA- East Clinic Days:
Monday & Wednesday
Every other Friday Dr. Jansson sees clinic at Winfield Health Care Center in Winfield, KS. To schedule at this office please call 620-222-6249

Sarah Spear. APRN

NurseĀ Practitioner

To our therapists:

Please be careful with too much flexion of the knee when there is significant swelling still present. These protocols are guides, and are used to assist the therapist in setting rehabilitation goals.

ACL Reconstruction

Allograft or Autograft. This protocol is basic guidelines for ACL rehabilitation. If an autograft is used, then some care on the anterior knee is needed.

PCL Reconstruction

This protocol is basic guidelines for PCL rehabilitation.

MCL Protocol

Non operative rehab. For MCL sprains, with the use of a brace for protection, be sure patient wears brace at night as well.

Arthroscopy / Menisectomy /Chondroplasty

Simple arthroscopy, or soft tissue debridements. Plica band removal, ligamentum mucosum debridement or scar tissue debridement

Lateral Release

If any other procedures are done in the knee along with a lateral release, please use this protocol. Take special note of the status of the articular cartilage on the patella and be cautious with knee flexion if there is significant swelling. Lateral releases can have a lateral bulge (swelling) that is typical for the first few weeks or so.

Patellar Realignment: Proximal

For VMO advancement/repair or proximal patellar realignment

Patellar Realignment: Distal

For Tibial tubercle Transfer and VMO advancement