Axillary Lateral View

Radiology technicians should note the position of patient and x-ray beam relative to the patient for each view. Photo of each set-up appears on the left. Drag your cursor over the photo to see close-up view. The corresponding radiograph appears on the right.

Axillary Lateral View

Position – Patient is supine with shoulder gently abducted by an assistant about 70-degrees. X-ray cassette is positioned superior to shoulder.

X-ray Beam – Directed into the affected axilla from inferior to superior.

Demonstrates – Glenohumeral joint, acromioclavicular joint, acromion and coracoid process. Best view to show glenohumeral dislocation, lesser tuberosity fracture or acromial abnormality such as mesoacromion.

Modified axillary lateral views have been described for the acutely injured shoulder, but are beyond the scope of this discussion.